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Closing down my DA as the date from my last Journal. Thanks for all the support, cheers.
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It's been almost 5 months since I wrote something, so bear with me for this long post.....

Below are some of the photos from the three shoots which I did in Melbourne before I flew back to Singapore.

Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome by meeelldango :thumb273707030: Distant Memories of a Star by Ritsuka-shiina Vocaloid Cantarella: Captivation by Astellecia HunterXHunter: Pakunoda by PumpkinWin HunterXHunter: Requiem by Blackcrane56 HunterXHunter: String Assassin by Astellecia HunterXHunter: City Rats by Blackcrane56 HunterXHunter: Spider Silk by Astellecia HunterXHunter: Misleading Smile by akinofujiko HunterXHunter: Conjurer by akinofujiko HunterXHunter: Number 8 by akinofujiko HunterXHunter: Phantom by Astellecia

How times flies as it was just yesterday that I remembered all the fun times I had in Melbourne this year aside from the endless assignments, projects and exams. So let me carry on from where I last left off in August at Manifest.

This was my first time at an Australian cosplay event and I can really say that I 100% enjoyed it. I went there with two of my Singaporean friends who were cosing Wally and Team-Rocket. Mr.Wally was the center of attraction in our group (since he was tall too), every 5-10 steps that we took had someone shouting "I FOUND YOU WALLY!" and asking to take photos with him. It was that bad when we took 30mins just to get from point A to point B (which was only 100 meters away). Unknowingly, I started to compare the differences between Aussie and Singapore cosplay events. The Aussie side has more cosplayers compare to photographers, in fact even some of the photographers themselves were wearing Kigurumi which I thought it was pretty cute. The community in aussie is more friendly which tend to chat even after posing for you, sharing tips and experiences even if you're not a cosplayer. As for Singapore, there are mostly more photographers then cosplayers and sometimes it can be just irritating to fight with the crowd to help take photos for your friends, in addition I just read a recent newspaper article about how our visitors got treated badly at a regional event… ;this has really made me question what has really happened to the place where I was born, where have the values and responsibility gone to? If I could get a PR, I would gladly stay in Melbourne, not just because of the people but I love the skies and weather there too.

Anyway, I manage to meet up with :iconhiyuki: and :iconblackcrane56:'s team. I was really confused as there were so many new people that I met and it was had trying to put faces/names to the pictures on DA, I apologize if I made any mistake or called someone wrongly on that day. On a side note, it was a coincidence that :iconastellecia: who was in lisa's team recognized my Wally friend, Julian; both of them were studying in the same high school back in Singapore. (what a small world)

Fast forward 3 months after Manifest, exams were ending and I was invited to a last minute Hunter X Hunter shoot as Mark :iconshinomatrix: had to shoot a wedding on that day. It was one of my most memorable shoots not only because I started to shoot in RAWs but getting to the location site, had pretty much reminded me of my army training of crawling, running and climbing over stuff. We had to roll under a gate and crawl through a fence which ended up with some of the costumes tearing up even before the shoot started. I ended up borrowing Lisa's remote flash for the evening shoots as it was getting pretty dark. Thanks to Lisa for teaching me about how remote flashes work and how cosplay shots are done, for example the low angle; which required us to lie flat on the ground. The other point was to get the framing, and positions right, since I usually shoot still life, this was a totally new experience for me. I guess it takes me time to get comfortable with everyone.

I had a total of three photoshoots (Hunter X Hunter, Cantarella, & Macross Frontier) during the last three weeks in Melbourne before flying (1st dec) back to Singapore for my 3 months internship (5th dec 2011 - 24th feb 2012). Will be back in Melbourne on 26th Feb as Uni resumes on 27th Feb, this suxs, wants at least a week worth of break. T_T"

Thank you :iconblackcrane56: :iconastellecia: :iconmeeelldango: :iconakinofujiko: :iconpumpkinwin: :iconritsuka-shiina: :icondarcywilliam: for the patience, teachings and invitations to the photoshoots. Not forgetting our epic hardworking behind the scene helpers :iconeightroses: and Faridah. I'll try my best to improve my skills to provide more satisfying photos in the future.

P.S. I'll try and find the time to clear my 6 months +  backlogs one day, too lazy to clear it at the moment. Also, the next journal entry would most likely be another 6 months time, at the rate things are going. haha :3

εїз is missing Melbourne's winter weather εїз

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